About Us

Experienced in providing top quality treatment that promises to put your mind at ease. Thornley Park Dental is here to unlock your smile’s true potential.

Welcome to Thornley Park Dental

Thornley Park Dental provides the highest level of service, with state of the art practice and groundbreaking technology. All in a stunning, soothing space designed to put your mind at rest and make your time in our practice as comfortable as possible.

Providing our clients with the smile they’ve always dreamed of is our number one priority. That’s why we offer a wide range of specialised private dental treatments designed to get you smiling with confidence. We also provide the highest quality general dental care so you can be sure that your mouth is as healthy as can be.

‘Patients first’ is our mantra. Whether you’re comfortable visiting the dentist or you’re a nervous patient, we’ll ensure that you’re kept well informed at every stage of the process, and fully at ease at all times. Your happiness, as well as your oral health, is paramount.


What to Expect From Your First Visit


The comfort of our clients is absolutely paramount. Your first step will be to check-in with a member of our team, who are highly trained to deal with all clients — from the regulars to nervous visitors. We also have an online check-in service- allowing you to fill in your forms from anywhere.


Everybody who passes through our clinic should have a total understanding of what each procedure involves. From a quick checkup or a simple scale and polish, right up to a total smile revamp, before anything is done, our team will go through each step of the process.


Where the magic happens. The Thornley Park Dental team are highly skilled, with years of experience in a wide range of dental procedures. No matter what you come to see us for, we can deliver a service that you can be proud of, to get you smiling the second you leave us.

Client Testimonials

“I would not hesitate to recommend this as the best dental practice I have ever visited, and would not go anywhere else. The care I have received particularly for my most recent treatment is second to none; superb dentistry from lab, fantastic advice and outstanding treatment from a skilled practitioner, and personal involvement in decision-making from start to finish. I am so happy, I cannot tell you. Cannot praise highly enough. Thank you so much.”

C Brooksbank

“Thank you to Dr Sharan for the standard of care that you have given me to get my teeth sorted. After having a negligent dentist which made your job a lot harder you have restored my faith in the dental profession with your unwavering support, high standards of work and just the overall loveliness of your practice and you!”

Jacqueline H

“This is the best dental practice I’ve ever dealt with. They are so friendly, professional and helpful. I’ve been with the practice for a number of years now. Dr Suthar is wonderful – she is attentive, kind and incredibly knowledgeable and skilled. The admin and reception staff are also fantastic. They are highly recommended.”

Emily Pitts

“Referred for emergency appointment and then joined shortly after due to the care received. Always treated fairly and with respect, from the team who answer the phone to the team who support you through your appointment and treatment.”

Joanne Connor

“The team are fantastic second to none go above and beyond. Sharran is fantastic and puts you at ease and is consistent with her kindness and educating you about your health
Would highly recommend the team.”

Lou N

Meet Our Team

As part of our commitment to providing our clients with a smile they can be proud of, we’ve assembled a team of expert clinicians. Each has the perfect combination of skills and personality to deliver a first rate service from start to finish.

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Our Practice

Thornley Park Dental has undergone a variety of changes with the goal of renovating and upgrading the practice. We’ve invested in the latest technology, allowing us to create a new, more homely, comforting space for all of our clients.