Teeth Straightening

Everybody wants nice straight teeth, but the thought of unwieldy braces can be off-putting, particularly in adulthood. Straighten your smile in the most effective and discreet way.

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What is Teeth Straightening?

This is the process of physically moving your teeth around to give them better alignment in your mouth. To provide you with straight teeth in the most discreet fashion possible, we utilise a variety of groundbreaking orthodontic products such as C-Fast, Smilelign, and Six Month Smiles. Opting to straighten your teeth with Thornley Park Dental offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Appointments to fit your schedule

  • Very subtle appearance

  • High quality materials

What are the advantages of straightening my teeth?

Everybody wants perfect straight teeth. A crooked smile can, from a young age, lead to anxiety and lowered self-esteem, particularly when it comes to having pictures taken. If you find yourself hiding your smile, straightneing your teeth can help.

Having straighter teeth can also help you day-to-day. It can make chewing easier, make cleaning your teeth easier, and help you feel more confident with your straighter smile.

Tooth straightening is often combined with whitening and composite bonding with our ‘Align, Bleach, Bond’ protocol; a very potent trio designed to completely makeover your smile.


How We Give You Your Perfect Smile

To help you achieve your ideal smile, Thornley Park Dental is proud to utilise groundbreaking products like SmileFast, Six Month Smiles, and Invisalign. These revolutionary products bring dental treatment into the 21st century and mean we can give you the perfect smile more discreetly and more efficiently.

Six Month Smiles


Patient Testimonials

Most people my age have had awful experiences with dentists, first as children and then later in life. Dr Sharan has been the most calm, reassuring, and skilful dentist I have ever had. She supported me when I was considering braces (at the age of 60!) and referred me to an excellent orthodontist, has shared my excitement, commiserated when I was weary of them, and always encouraged me. I trust her completely. The dental nurses and reception staff are friendly and efficient. I feel so lucky to be a patient here.

Ann Ferguson

I’ve been coming here since I was a baby. These lovely people have seen my 1st tooth, ensured my teeth grew straight, helped me through the wisdom tooth trauma and handled every general check up (now that’s a lot of check ups!) There’s always a friendly face at the reception and a kind dentist making each visit a calm one.

Annette Loftus

Excellent service and the dentist does a fantastic job. I would highly recommend to everyone.

Edison Hug

Our Practice

Thornley Park Dental has undergone a variety of changes with the goal of renovating and upgrading the practice. We’ve invested in the latest technology, allowing us to create a new, more homely, comforting space for all of our clients.