Zero Tolerance Policy

Staff treating patients have the right to work free from any threat or fear of abuse, violence or forms of aggression.

The NHS nationally has agreed to a zero tolerance policy.

Unacceptable behaviour which will not be tolerated within the dental practice inlcudes:

  • Actual or threatened physical violence on staff or other patients.
  • Psychological abuse of staff
  • Verbal abuse which includes shouting or swearing
  • Racial abuse
  • Sexual harassment or abuse
  • Threats against practice personnel which occur in the workplace
  • Theft or damage of practice property
  • Taking drugs or alcohol on the premises

If any patient is abusive or violent towards any member of staff or any other persons on the practice premises, the practice retains the right to have the patient removed from their list. In extreme cases the police may also be contacted.

All incidents must be reported to Emma Christy and recorded within the Significant Events Log. Any injuries will be recorded in the accident book.

Approved By: Emma Christy
Date Published: 18/01/2022