Cosmetic Dentistry

New innovations have made achieving your perfect smile convenient, affordable, and painless. Do away with any nerves and show the world your smile.


What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry involves a range of treatments designed to revamp and transform your smile. Whether tooth whitening, composite bonding, or advanced porcelain work such as crowns or veneers, our range of cosmetic dental treatments are designed to set you on the right path to the perfect first impression that a glowing smile can bring.

Some of the treatments we can provide are:

  • Crowns

  • White fillings

  • Inlays/Onlays

  • Veneers

  • Bridges

  • Dentures

For a comprehensive range of dental treatments to improve your oral health and transform your smile,
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How can Cosmetic Dentistry Help?

We never underestimate the impact it can have when you aren’t totally happy with your smile. After all, a smile is often the first thing you notice about a person! Missing or crooked teeth, cracks, chips, and gaps can all affect your mood and make you feel self-conscious. We have a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments available to help restore your confidence and help you achieve a healthier, brighter smile.

Visit Thornley Park Dental and our expert team can work with you to address some of the insecurities you have, so you can walk out of the door every day with the confidence to flaunt your smile and see where life takes you.

How We Give You Your Perfect Smile

To help you achieve your ideal smile, Thornley Park Dental is proud to boast top-class technicians for cosmetic dentistry, using the best materials, allowing us to easily and painlessly transform the appearance of your teeth.

Patient Testimonials

I have had a number of dentists in my life but have been with Thornley for some 3 years now and they far excel any other dental practice I have visited during my 68 years. They are in my opinion amazing and although I’m lucky and don’t have too many problems I actually look forward to going!

Alan Kibble

Went to the dentist today (couldn’t leave it any longer). Thornley Park dealt with one issue.  Back next week for more treatment. Not a single twinge, but never do that’s why I’m always comfortable visiting.

Lea Daniels

My dentist gave me a few short appointments to build me up to be able to receive treatment. I had a filling done in August and honestly can’t believe it! They have given me my confidence back to actually start smiling again, they have changed my life. To my dentist and dental nurse from the bottom of my heart Thank You for everything. To the practice as a whole thank you for always making me feel welcomed, a real sense of family, always being professional and actually caring. Thank you so much.


Our Practice

Thornley Park Dental has undergone a variety of changes with the goal of renovating and upgrading the practice. We’ve invested in the latest technology, allowing us to create a new, more homely, comforting space for all of our clients.